Woman killed in Bangkok while taking selfie on train tracks

A Thai woman has been killed after a selfie while taking a selfie on the railroad track, police said on Friday.


Picture of a train station in Bangkok

“Walailak Sukuma, 28, was proclaimed dead at a Bangkok hospital hours after an oncoming train hit her and her friend while the pair was taking a selfie, Wissanusak Suebin,’’ a police investigator in charge of the case, told newsmen.

Wissanusak said Walailak’s right leg was cut off by the train’s wheels, while her friend, 24-year-old Amnaj Nawantip, suffered head damage and a broken arm.

The pair was part  of a gathering of five friends who had been drinking beer at a railroad station in Bangkok.

According to railway officials, the group often hung out drinking beer near the rail tracks.

“The difference is that this time they were taking selfies too.

“Their friends said they didn’t see the train approaching the platform.

“The group said they have learnt their lesson now, but it remains to be seen if they will come back in the future,’’ Wissanusak added.

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CryptoCurrencies Banned in Brazil?

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL – Due to the dangers related with digital transactions, crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, won’t be accepted as a financial asset by investment funds, Brazil’s Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).images

“The CVM’s technical area informs investment fund managers that Crypto-Coins cannot be classified as financial assets,” said the statement issued to funds last week and signed by Institutional Investor Relations Superintendent Daniel Maeda. “For this reason, no direct acquisition of these virtual currencies is allowed by regulated investment funds,” concluded the note.

For Maeda, ‘the legal and economic nature of these investment modalities has been debated, both in Brazil and countries around the world, with no conclusion reached until today as to its risks and legality’.

In December of 2017, Central Bank President Ilan Goldfajn warned of the dangers in the virtual currency market. “Virtual currencies as they are today, skyrocketing, not pegged to anything, and with no one to regulate them, lead to such risks that the Central Bank has issued a warning of the risks.”

In spite noting that the Commission’s choice bans conventional investors from taking new sorts of investments, the individuals who bargain in virtual currencies believe that CVM’s decision won’t decrease Brazilians’ interest for the cryptocurrencies.

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“There has been an increasing interest in these kinds of investments, so much so that there are reports that there are more people registered to conduct transactions in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies than in the Bovespa (São Paulo Stock Exchange),” Luciano Rolim, marketing manager at Atlas Project told The Rio Times.

According to Rolim, the Atlas Project, operating since October of 2015 in Brazil, believes that the CVM’s choice is probably going to be temporary, “We think that this is only temporary, that the prohibition will be lifted as soon as Congress votes on the legality of virtual currencies.”

The result of the Congressional debate, may not be favorable to companies such as the Atlas project. In late December, the rapporteur of the special committee that discusses about the regulation of virtual currencies, Representative Expedito Netto, defended the ban on the issuance, commercialization and utilization of cryptocurrencies as means of payment in Brazilian domain.

As indicated by the lawmaker, the supply of these coins ‘favors crimes, could cause problems in consumer and economic defense rights and brokerage houses do not guarantee the money invested by consumers’.

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Japanese encephalitis vaccines are out of stock

SAN PEDRO CITY — Single parent Pamela Flores, 25, has found out about Japanese encephalitis (JE). But when told about the cost of the immunization, Flores, aN average-wage earner from this city, said she couldn’t manage the cost of it for her 3-year-old child.

“That’s expensive. We just get Pio’s (her son) vaccines from the (government health) center. I’ll probably just pray for him,” Flores said.

In the same situation, Cristina Hubid said she would have needed to get the antibody for her 4-year-old child. But the cost of the vaccine, ranging from P2,800 to P4,000 per shot depending upon the hospital where it was availed of, costs more than her month’s salary as a house helper.

JE is a vector-borne disease transmitted by the culex mosquito. It generally causes stomach pains, fever and seizures.

As indicated by the World Health Organization, the “case-fatality” rate among those with JE “can be as high” as 30 percent, which means three out of 10 stricken by JE could die.

The vaccines were not only costly, but in Laguna, they were hard to find.

MedRep.IO | Medical Sales Representative Job Board in the Philippines

The Inquirer asked a number from private hospitals in the region and was informed that they had run out of stock of the vaccine.

Majority of JE cases involved children. There is also no cure for the illness.

“There is a demand probably because of the scare. I’m receiving a lot of calls asking me to reserve them a vaccine,” said Laguna provincial health officer Dr. Rene Bagamasbad on the shortage of the vaccines.

In Laguna, the health office recorded two affirmed cases—a 9-year-old child who died in Calauan town, and a 6-year-old from San Pablo City. The child from San Pablo survived.

There are a few associated cases with JE but Bagamasbad said tests done at the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine in Muntinlupa City usually takes two weeks.

In the Philippines, the main accessible brand of the vaccine at present is the Imojev, which is being provided by pharmaceutical company, Sanofi Pasteur, said Bagamasbad.

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Candid photos of Postpartum Depression

Kathy DiVincenzo was expressing to a decent friend about the picture-perfect lives that the various moms seemed to have via social media.

“I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed and everybody has it together,” she said. But she admitted she was guilty of it, too.


“The only photos I’m posting are of my new baby smiling, and his sister kissing him. All these amazing moments are real, of course,” the Cleveland, Ohio, mother told TODAY. “But there’s that flip side, this other side of reality that I wasn’t comfortable showing.”

But with assistance from her friend, Cleveland-based photographer Danielle Fantis, DiVincenzo decided to demonstrate that opposite side, the one battling with postpartum depression.

DiVincenzo and Fantis, who battled the condition after having her second child, used photos to help show the disorderly, overwhelming feelings of postpartum.

DiVincenzo, 27, took two photographs shot by Fantis and posted them next to each other on her Facebook page to exhibit the two sections of her life — the messy and chaos that fills her brain, and the happy, cleaned version most people see.

“The truth is, both of these pictures represent my life depending on the day,” she wrote on Facebook. “I would only ever comfortably share one of these realities though and that’s the problem. The only thing more exhausting than having these conditions is pretending daily that I don’t.”

DiVincenzo posted the photographs on May 1, the start of Postpartum Depression Awareness Month.

“I work twice as hard to hide this reality from you because I’m afraid to make you uncomfortable,” she wrote on Facebook. “I’m afraid you’ll think I’m weak, crazy, a terrible mother, or the other million things my mind convinces me of and I know I’m not alone in those thoughts.”

DiVincenzo had postpartum anxiety after the birth of her daughter, now 3. She didn’t know she had the disorder until encountering similar symptoms taking after the birth of her son three months prior. By then, she was working as a doula and had found out about the different ways postpartum illnesses can introduce themselves beyond clinical depression. For DiVincenzo, it appeared anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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Fantis had a similar experience with her second child.

“It hit me out of nowhere,” she told TODAY of the “intrusive thoughts” that consumed her. She imagined every possible scenario in which her daughter might get injured — from accidentally losing control of a car she was driving to tripping down the house stairs while carrying her.

“I know that sounds crazy, but to a woman going through that, those are very real thoughts that they can completely see happening,” said Fantis.

“I remember thinking: I have no reason to be sad. I have this good life, this beautiful healthy baby, everything is great. But that’s the thing with postpartum depression and mental illness. It doesn’t discriminate. No one is safe.”

Fantis stayed silent about her condition even after getting medicinal assistance. She didn’t encounter any postpartum illness symptoms after having her third child 14 months ago, however she felt prepared to open up to the world about her past experience to help other people.

“That was definitely terrifying to share with the world. Nobody wants to admit they’ve struggled with mental illness,” she said. “But (Kathy) and I said from the very beginning, if it can help one woman, it’s totally worth it.”

The two at first thought they were just sharing the post to their Facebook friends. In any case, once the photographs started circulating around the web they opened them to the public with hopes of educating more people.

“As postpartum mental illness sufferers, we often don’t speak out because of the stigma of people saying, ‘Suck it up. Motherhood is hard.’ And it is,” DiVincenzo said. “But for a mother with a mental illness, there’s a deeper layer to the exhaustion, to the anguish.”

She and Fantis said they deliberately used the words “postpartum mental illness,” rather than depression, so people understand the distinctive facets of the condition. They’ve received more than 13,000 comments on the photographs so far, generally positive and numerous from women who said they didn’t understand they had the condition, as well.

“So many mothers have said, ‘Oh, I didn’t know this had a name. This is describing my life,'” DiVincenzo said. “The main point of all this is to tell people you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing.”

Source: http://www.today.com/parents/mom-s-raw-photos-show-flip-side-postpartum-depression-t111479

Ailing 89-Year-Old Woman gets invited to live with a young neighbor

Despite the fact that 31-year-old Chris Salvatore and 89-year-old Norma Cook are immensely different ages, they are the ideal roommates for each other – and the best of friends.

Chris-and-Norma-YoutubeThe duo first met around four years back when Chris moved in over the hall from Norma.

“After a couple weeks of saying hello through her kitchen window that looked out onto our apartment complex courtyard I decided to knock on her door and enter Norma’s world,” says Chris, who is an actor living in Los Angeles. “I soon learned that she had no family of her own living here in California, was suffering from a long list of health complications, including leukemia and just that week she had to give up her car because she lost her ability to drive.”

The two became steadily closer as Chris kept on volunteering for assignments including her home and therapeutic care.

“I would help her cook meals, drive her to the doctors, banks, pharmacies and even just recently I got the amazing experience to accompany her to vote. We had such a blast these past few years filled with so much joy and laughter.”

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His help was needed more than ever when Norma’s health quickly began to decrease once over the last six months. She was hospitalized a few times for pneumonia, asthma attacks, and maintaining dreadful falls in her condo. The bleakest news came when specialists said that unless she was given 24 hour care at home, she would be sent to a state care facility.

Chris made a GoFundMe page which raised over $75,000 for private care — and, above all, welcomed Norma to live with him so he could take care of her and cut her out-of-pocket expenses.

After the two moved toward becoming roommates, they understood it was a perfect match.

“She loves it! I do most of my work at home so I am here most of the time to care for her, so it only made sense to the both of us.”

“She is my adopted grandmother, after all, and I am her grandson she never had.”

Source: http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/young-neighbor-invites-ailing-89-year-old-move/

Nutritional benefits of cherries to human

It has always been a proven and scientific fact that eating fruits boost the health and immune systems of humans. Common fruits like apple, oranges and grapes are loaded with vitamins and minerals essential for the body. However, recent researches have directed the lime light to cherries which is so small yet lusciously delicious and at the same time jam-packed with nutrients better than some of the fruits commonly available.

Basically, there are two types of cherries available all year round. The first one is the sweet type normally found on the regular grocery store or is available to buy online. The second one is called “tart cherries” or the sour ones.

Incredibly, these fresh cherries are also called the “ultimate or super fruit”. The reason is that these fruits contain the highest amount of antioxidant value and vitamins among other fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants impedes the aging process and is also important as it neutralizes free radicals that make the human cells susceptible to damage and degenerative diseases.


Cherries are considered to be the super fruit because of the many nutrients it contains

Cherries also contain anti-inflammatory agents that minimize muscle and joint swelling. People who engage in physical activities will enjoy this benefit as some may experience muscle pain after heavy exercises. Those who regularly suffer from arthritis and gout can also feel less pain when they consume cherries in the right amount because these fruits have also minerals that effectively reduce pain.

It was also found that these red fruits can prevent certain cancers and protect against diseases such as heart problems and other chronic illnesses. Migraines brought by headaches can also be reduced. Body resistance can also be improved since cherry fruit boxes contains vitamin C.

Cherry also contains fiber which is important for digestion. It also has anthocyanins to help the body create essential amino acids. Cherry also contains beta-carotene which is an eye vitamin.

Eating cherries can also do well in one’s harmful cholesterol level as it drives it down to a more normal amount. It also regulates the sugar level which may help those who suffer from different types of diabetes. Cherries can also aid people who are undergoing weight loss program as vitamin supplement.

This super fruit also contains potassium just like bananas which helps the muscles to become less prone to cramps. It also contains boron, an element needed to make the bones much stronger. It also contains melatonin which effectively helps a person to have peaceful sleeping patterns.

There are many ways to which one can enjoy the benefits of cherries. People can bring it along to their office as their snack or in a fruit basket to be munched on during break times. It can also be bought in cans as juices to drink during regular meal times while dried cherries can be made into that terrific dessert.

No matter how is the packaging of cherries, the inherent nutritional value remains intact. As such, the next time that you want to load up, consider the cherry boxes in your local store. You are doing yourself a huge favor when you consume one everyday.

I can’t believe I wrote about this…I guess I just love it too much!!!!

Eating natural food rather than taking Medicine

ignore junk foodDo you really know what is the meaning of the word “JUNK FOOD“?

Well, in a dictionary it would define as a useless food,  so what is a useless food for you? For me, a junk food are more like food that are useless for me like food with low or almost non nutritious and food which is very nutritious but I’m allergic with.  Think about what the sense of eating some food that your allergic with? For me those food are also useless!

To tell the truth, I’m very allergic with milk but as a human being drinking milk is a big factor to our daily needs such as calcium! Because of it, I keep myself calm and ignore drinking milk but I decide to find an alternative way for it…..I found another kind of milk that is fermented with grains called “kefir“!

To make up the lack of nutrient in my daily diet, I tried to drink kefir milk. Ofcourse I fear for allergy to visit me again but everything when well so far. I did consult with doctor but the doctor just told me to try…didn’t really get any good advice.

Well substituting or evolving the milk was a good alternative choice! I really hate taking vitamins or medicine just to improve my health condition or to maintain my healthy body. Just a simple piece of advice always be keep calm in any problem your encounter, ignore the useless one then find an alternative method to solve your problem.








Safety first before saving for the rainy days

Have you ever  experienced waking up early in the morning to be prepared, then you realized that you don’t have electricity?electrician

As a person like me who is so vain with hair, I always wake up early to do my regurlar routine like using blower and hair iron to staighten it. And its really annoying knowing that I mtyself caused the trouble.

In an incident that I unintentionally ruin our power supply because of the cheap extension wire that I bought, we were forced to begin our day without electric power. Eventhough dad was not talking to me the whole morning, I know he was mad at me. So I googled something about repair power supply.

To make it up to my family, I never went to school and I waited for the techinician to come over. We talked about what the cause of the damage and he even shared his experiences on fixing smps. He reminded me not to buy something that are not reliable and he asked me if it is china made. I just look around and pretend that I haven’t heard him. I think he knows the answer. LOL!

Spending less sometimes can cause trouble

Have you experienced going to a convenience store with a tight budget on your list of groceries to buy, but you decided that you have to add something to the list?

I think we all experience that kind of scenario, especially when we forget to buy something and we thought that’s really needed at home.extension wire

In my case, I needed an extension wire. I was short with my budget that I decided to buy a cheaper one. I just went to the cashier without testing if it works or not. By the time I got home, I made myself busy in preparing dinner that I forgot to try it out. When I was done on the kitchen chores and had dinner with my family, I remembered the extension wire that I bought and decided to try it if it will work.

When I plug it on the outlet, it suddenly went dark and ask myself “what happened?”, then someone screamed, it was my sister. She’s like a freak person whenever she is startled or get scared. Then I realized that the cause of it was the extension wire that I bought.

I tried to call the technician to ask help but he can’t come because it’s already late. He just told me about something on repairing the power supply of our house. I peep on the window and realized that we were the only house with no light in our neighborhood. Eventhough we planned to watch championship in the basketball game that night, we decided to sleep early.

This concludes that, we have to be extra careful on what we buy. I was very thankful that my house didn’t burn down or else I’ll be begging alms in the street if it that happened.