Nutritional benefits of cherries to human

It has always been a proven and scientific fact that eating fruits boost the health and immune systems of humans. Common fruits like apple, oranges and grapes are loaded with vitamins and minerals essential for the body. However, recent researches have directed the lime light to cherries which is so small yet lusciously delicious and at the same time jam-packed with nutrients better than some of the fruits commonly available.

Basically, there are two types of cherries available all year round. The first one is the sweet type normally found on the regular grocery store or is available to buy online. The second one is called “tart cherries” or the sour ones.

Incredibly, these fresh cherries are also called the “ultimate or super fruit”. The reason is that these fruits contain the highest amount of antioxidant value and vitamins among other fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants impedes the aging process and is also important as it neutralizes free radicals that make the human cells susceptible to damage and degenerative diseases.


Cherries are considered to be the super fruit because of the many nutrients it contains

Cherries also contain anti-inflammatory agents that minimize muscle and joint swelling. People who engage in physical activities will enjoy this benefit as some may experience muscle pain after heavy exercises. Those who regularly suffer from arthritis and gout can also feel less pain when they consume cherries in the right amount because these fruits have also minerals that effectively reduce pain.

It was also found that these red fruits can prevent certain cancers and protect against diseases such as heart problems and other chronic illnesses. Migraines brought by headaches can also be reduced. Body resistance can also be improved since cherry fruit boxes contains vitamin C.

Cherry also contains fiber which is important for digestion. It also has anthocyanins to help the body create essential amino acids. Cherry also contains beta-carotene which is an eye vitamin.

Eating cherries can also do well in one’s harmful cholesterol level as it drives it down to a more normal amount. It also regulates the sugar level which may help those who suffer from different types of diabetes. Cherries can also aid people who are undergoing weight loss program as vitamin supplement.

This super fruit also contains potassium just like bananas which helps the muscles to become less prone to cramps. It also contains boron, an element needed to make the bones much stronger. It also contains melatonin which effectively helps a person to have peaceful sleeping patterns.

There are many ways to which one can enjoy the benefits of cherries. People can bring it along to their office as their snack or in a fruit basket to be munched on during break times. It can also be bought in cans as juices to drink during regular meal times while dried cherries can be made into that terrific dessert.

No matter how is the packaging of cherries, the inherent nutritional value remains intact. As such, the next time that you want to load up, consider the cherry boxes in your local store. You are doing yourself a huge favor when you consume one everyday.

I can’t believe I wrote about this…I guess I just love it too much!!!!

Eating natural food rather than taking Medicine

ignore junk foodDo you really know what is the meaning of the word “JUNK FOOD“?

Well, in a dictionary it would define as a useless food,  so what is a useless food for you? For me, a junk food are more like food that are useless for me like food with low or almost non nutritious and food which is very nutritious but I’m allergic with.  Think about what the sense of eating some food that your allergic with? For me those food are also useless!

To tell the truth, I’m very allergic with milk but as a human being drinking milk is a big factor to our daily needs such as calcium! Because of it, I keep myself calm and ignore drinking milk but I decide to find an alternative way for it…..I found another kind of milk that is fermented with grains called “kefir“!

To make up the lack of nutrient in my daily diet, I tried to drink kefir milk. Ofcourse I fear for allergy to visit me again but everything when well so far. I did consult with doctor but the doctor just told me to try…didn’t really get any good advice.

Well substituting or evolving the milk was a good alternative choice! I really hate taking vitamins or medicine just to improve my health condition or to maintain my healthy body. Just a simple piece of advice always be keep calm in any problem your encounter, ignore the useless one then find an alternative method to solve your problem.








Safety first before saving for the rainy days

Have you ever  experienced waking up early in the morning to be prepared, then you realized that you don’t have electricity?electrician

As a person like me who is so vain with hair, I always wake up early to do my regurlar routine like using blower and hair iron to staighten it. And its really annoying knowing that I mtyself caused the trouble.

In an incident that I unintentionally ruin our power supply because of the cheap extension wire that I bought, we were forced to begin our day without electric power. Eventhough dad was not talking to me the whole morning, I know he was mad at me. So I googled something about repair power supply.

To make it up to my family, I never went to school and I waited for the techinician to come over. We talked about what the cause of the damage and he even shared his experiences on fixing smps. He reminded me not to buy something that are not reliable and he asked me if it is china made. I just look around and pretend that I haven’t heard him. I think he knows the answer. LOL!

Spending less sometimes can cause trouble

Have you experienced going to a convenience store with a tight budget on your list of groceries to buy, but you decided that you have to add something to the list?

I think we all experience that kind of scenario, especially when we forget to buy something and we thought that’s really needed at home.extension wire

In my case, I needed an extension wire. I was short with my budget that I decided to buy a cheaper one. I just went to the cashier without testing if it works or not. By the time I got home, I made myself busy in preparing dinner that I forgot to try it out. When I was done on the kitchen chores and had dinner with my family, I remembered the extension wire that I bought and decided to try it if it will work.

When I plug it on the outlet, it suddenly went dark and ask myself “what happened?”, then someone screamed, it was my sister. She’s like a freak person whenever she is startled or get scared. Then I realized that the cause of it was the extension wire that I bought.

I tried to call the technician to ask help but he can’t come because it’s already late. He just told me about something on repairing the power supply of our house. I peep on the window and realized that we were the only house with no light in our neighborhood. Eventhough we planned to watch championship in the basketball game that night, we decided to sleep early.

This concludes that, we have to be extra careful on what we buy. I was very thankful that my house didn’t burn down or else I’ll be begging alms in the street if it that happened.