Eating natural food rather than taking Medicine

ignore junk foodDo you really know what is the meaning of the word “JUNK FOOD“?

Well, in a dictionary it would define as a useless food,  so what is a useless food for you? For me, a junk food are more like food that are useless for me like food with low or almost non nutritious and food which is very nutritious but I’m allergic with.  Think about what the sense of eating some food that your allergic with? For me those food are also useless!

To tell the truth, I’m very allergic with milk but as a human being drinking milk is a big factor to our daily needs such as calcium! Because of it, I keep myself calm and ignore drinking milk but I decide to find an alternative way for it…..I found another kind of milk that is fermented with grains called “kefir“!

To make up the lack of nutrient in my daily diet, I tried to drink kefir milk. Ofcourse I fear for allergy to visit me again but everything when well so far. I did consult with doctor but the doctor just told me to try…didn’t really get any good advice.

Well substituting or evolving the milk was a good alternative choice! I really hate taking vitamins or medicine just to improve my health condition or to maintain my healthy body. Just a simple piece of advice always be keep calm in any problem your encounter, ignore the useless one then find an alternative method to solve your problem.








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