Safety first before saving for the rainy days

Have you ever¬† experienced waking up early in the morning to be prepared, then you realized that you don’t have electricity?electrician

As a person like me who is so vain with hair, I always wake up early to do my regurlar routine like using blower and hair iron to staighten it. And its really annoying knowing that I mtyself caused the trouble.

In an incident that I unintentionally ruin our power supply because of the cheap extension wire that I bought, we were forced to begin our day without electric power. Eventhough dad was not talking to me the whole morning, I know he was mad at me. So I googled something about repair power supply.

To make it up to my family, I never went to school and I waited for the techinician to come over. We talked about what the cause of the damage and he even shared his experiences on fixing smps. He reminded me not to buy something that are not reliable and he asked me if it is china made. I just look around and pretend that I haven’t heard him. I think he knows the answer. LOL!

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