Spending less sometimes can cause trouble

Have you experienced going to a convenience store with a tight budget on your list of groceries to buy, but you decided that you have to add something to the list?

I think we all experience that kind of scenario, especially when we forget to buy something and we thought that’s really needed at home.extension wire

In my case, I needed an extension wire. I was short with my budget that I decided to buy a cheaper one. I just went to the cashier without testing if it works or not. By the time I got home, I made myself busy in preparing dinner that I forgot to try it out. When I was done on the kitchen chores and had dinner with my family, I remembered the extension wire that I bought and decided to try it if it will work.

When I plug it on the outlet, it suddenly went dark and ask myself “what happened?”, then someone screamed, it was my sister. She’s like a freak person whenever she is startled or get scared. Then I realized that the cause of it was the extension wire that I bought.

I tried to call the technician to ask help but he can’t come because it’s already late. He just told me about something on repairing the power supply of our house. I peep on the window and realized that we were the only house with no light in our neighborhood. Eventhough we planned to watch championship in the basketball game that night, we decided to sleep early.

This concludes that, we have to be extra careful on what we buy. I was very thankful that my house didn’t burn down or else I’ll be begging alms in the street if it that happened.

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